Purchase and Sale of Residential
and Commercial Properties (closings)

Wayne Gardner is an experienced Mesa Real Estate Attorney who can help both first time buyers and seasoned investors for purchases.

We will handle the legal end of the closing process for you, and ensure that you have all of the information so you make the best decisions.

In the event of commercial property purchases, we will review and advise on engineer reports and environmental studies as well as review applicable leases, and verify the information in the leases and will do due diligence including determining legality of all structures through physical inspection, reviewing title report and survey and alteration policies.

With house closings, we make sure our clients know that in most cases, as a buyer, you are purchasing a home in its “As-is” condition. It is vital to have an engineer’s report and a full home inspection done. We will stand by you from start to finish, when you are handed the keys to your new property.

Mr. Gardner also handles condominium purchases, which are very similar to home purchases, except that in the case of a condominium, while you do own your real estate, you have common charges, and a board of directors that make financial decisions for the condominium as a whole company, and make rules and regulations that condo owners must follow. We will ensure that a thorough review of house rules, financial statements and bylaws are done and understood by our clients. Things such as a no pets rule which is not clear, yet you have a beloved family dog, and you find out after your purchase, can be disaster.

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