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Real estate law falls under the umbrella of commercial law in that it has to do with financial transactions and with the purchase and sale of property. Commercial law, including matters to do with real estate transactions, is usually complex and confusing for the layman.

Anyone buying property in Arizona should consult an expert in Arizona real estate law. There are all sorts of legal issues that come with purchasing and selling property, which make Mesa real estate attorneys an essential part of the property sale and purchase process.

Foreclosures and the money owed on property has been a big part of the news landscape in recent years. This has largely been due to the banking collapse in 2008 and general economic problems from which America has only recently begun to recover. In some cases the services of a lawyer who specializes in real estate law may be able to help a mortgager make short sales and take other measures to overcome financial problems. Short sales involve the sale of a home for less money than is owed on it and without the mortgagor being required to pay the difference between the sale price and the money owed. This kind of transaction, will, of course, need to be approved by the lending institution. The process of getting it approved may require legal help

Zoning and Real Estate

This is the area of real estate law that governs how the owner of property is allowed to use that land within a certain jurisdiction. The land will have to be used for the purpose designated by the local laws. In order to get around the restrictions on use put in place by the authorities, the homeowner will need the services of an attorney who specializes in Arizona real estate law. It is prudent to choose a lawyer with extensive experience and a reputation in this legal specialty.

Property Development

People often purchase land with the intention of making a profit from it in some way. An Arizona real estate attorney may also be able to help an owner when it comes to such areas as the development of property and the settlement of water rights and other rights relevant to the property. These are all areas that it is essential for the real estate investor to consider before purchasing property.

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