How An Arizona Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You

When it comes to buying a home, many individuals are confused or simply lack knowledge about specific regulations and laws that pertain to the purchase and sale of real estate. An Arizona real estate lawyer can help individuals learn about these laws, decide if their rights have been infringed upon, and even enter into a lawsuit, if necessary.

Verifying Realtor Licenses

Mesa Arizona real estate attorneyOne of the initial steps that a buyer should take before they begin looking at houses with a realtor involving verifying the realtors state real estate license. In doing so, buyers can verify that they realtors are require to abide by arizona real estate law. They can also view any issues that previous buyers may have had with the realtor and even the realtor’s educational experience. Therefore, if any law is broken in the purchase of a property, buyers are able to press charges against state licensed realtors. This protects both the realtor and the buyer from fraud and criminal acts.

Understanding Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

The state of Arizona has thoughtfully issued a handbook that outlines tenant rights and responsibilities, so that homeowners and renters can educate themselves on real estate etiquette and laws. This text outlines common issues regarding rent, security deposits, maintenance, and landlord responsibilities. If, for any reason, the landlord fails to make home repairs that affect the health and well-being of the tenants, then the affected tenants should seek help from a Mesa real estate lawyer.

Filing Claims

In the event that a buyer or renter feels as though they have been a victim of dishonest dealings, disclosure issues, unlicensed activity, or breach of fiduciary duties, then it is an acceptable practice to report these mishaps to the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Investigators then look into the case and determine if the real estate agent is complying with licensing regulations and consider their professional conduct, or lack thereof.

The key to avoiding real estate fraud is to know your personal rights when it comes to buying and/or renting a home.

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