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Mesa Real Estate Law LawyerReal Estate law covers the rights for you to own, lease, use and prosper on land, or property, and the permanent man made additions attached to that notion. Real Estate transactions such as buying property, selling property, leases and other actions are governed and many state and federal laws apply. Mesa real estate attorneys are advisable for many purposes, including legal counsel to condo boards, in which the attorney can assist in owner litigation regarding disputes over non payment of common charges or lease violations. We can review and prepare the necessary documents, as well as provide you with Real Estate Legal Advice so that you understand the legal requirements and measurements necessary under certain Real Estate Laws.

Another area of expertise of Mesa Real Estate Law Attorney Wayne Gardner involve 1031 exchanges, which offer a way to preserve the wealth of the investment you worked hard to acquire. You must obtain a 1031 exchange within 180 days following the sale, which must be identified property that is subject to law. Forclosure Defense is another benefit to having a Real Estate Attorney, as we can help defend homeowners against banks and investors in the event of a foreclosure. We will help you review and prepare all necessary documents, to ensure everything is within your best interest, in our power.

Wayne Gardner can also help with short sale Legal Representation and negotiation to assist homeowners or potential homeowners from experiencing long term financial consequences associated with bankruptcy and foreclosure. There are many options and programs you as a homeowner or property owner can possibly be eligible for, that can assist you in the event of a foreclosure, and we have the knowledge and education to help you start off on the right track. The process can be difficult to understand on your own, so the investment in a great Real Estate Attorney is beneficial!

For property owners and homeowners or potential homeowners in search of a great Arizona Real Estate Attorney, look no further than Wayne Gardner and his expert legal associates to provide you with all of the legal services and help you need for Mesa Real Estate Law to protect your property, your home, and your family.

Wayne is also an Arizona real estate lawyer at Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C.

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